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> Full Scar Plan (Evaluation)
> Update Your Scar Plan
> Ask Multiple Questions

  • We have helped 100’s-of-thousands with acne scar plans. My Acne Scars is endorsed by Dr Lim and Dr Weiner as being an expert source in this field.  Our advice is just like paying for a consult to see a expert without the hassle. Helping those with scars with a plan is incredibly empowering and coaching them to get results.
  • We can tweaks plans for all budgets, skin types, conditions, and acne scar types.
  • Plans include a full evaluation of your acne scars (you send and attach photos of your scars, … having them make shadows with a flashlight or directional light).
  • All advice is customized to the individual scar case, specific history and other factors. No single patient is the same, scar work must be customized to meet the needs of the client.
  • The scar evaluation Includes a “few” Questions w/ Answer follow-up.
  • Many of our patients want a second opinion and sign-up for an updated scar plan a few times a year so we can customize a plan to meet their goals. Dr’s often give confusing and different advice they try to “sell” the patient.
  • Clarity of what to do next and many feel confident of how to treat their scars.
  • Jump start all of the bad information out there (focus). Many free sources have terrible info which is not worth reading and not applicable to your “individual” situation.
  • We can help you find a “good” acne scar provider who specializes in your needs. You don’t want just anyone doing this work.

Ask Multiple Questions:

  • This product can be used to ask multiple question(s), w/ “one” follow-up response. Ask your saved up questions as much as you want (weekly, monthly, yearly) by re-purchasing (note: the per question product is for a (1) single question, this is for “multiple questions”).

This does not include:

    • Negotiating or talking to your Doctor they simply won’t listen but we can help you find the best person for your treatment.
    • “Multiple” ongoing emails with additional questions for a single purchase: (please re-purchase – questions and it takes lots of time to answer)
    • Consulting for multiple people for the price of one
    • Expedited or Instantaneous Attention – See The Expedited Service Option


  • ** Please email us your invoice after your donation (sent to your email or in the scar consulting tab): photos of your scars, what you would like fixed, any past treatments, or medical history. Allow 4 days to respond depending on our workload. The Phone-Video Expedited Product is given priority service. Check your email’s junk/spam folder 😉
  • **Excessive documentation and analysis:  notification will be given of the time to complete the evaluation. You will be kindly asked to make a additional donation. Some cases can take hour(s) of our time. Some patients have seen multiple providers and done “many” treatments.

For more frequently asked questions see the consulting page

Minimum price: $35