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This is for your single (1) question answered. Often doctors do not have time to answer your questions properly or they just give you marketing back. Googling a subject often brings back many results that are often incorrect or not understandable. We answer your question(s).
Check out the multi-question / scar update plan to save some money.

This Does NOT Include:

  • Acne Scar Plans, select that item from the consulting.
  • Questions needing consulting work, coaching, or detailed response.
  • Questions taking excessive time to answer. I will let you know the scope of work.
    • We will try to give generalized responses to large or complex topics for this item. If the question takes over 10 minutes to response it is considered a “Scar Plan Update or Multi Plan and this is not the right option.
  • Multiple Questions – Use the “Multi-Question Scar Update Plan.”
  • Extensive analysis and support needed taking hours of our time. If you need this assistance, please email us to inquire about consulting.


  • What is this type of scar _________ – Acceptable
  • Should I use this product _____________ – Acceptable
  • What is this device __________ (information) the Dr wants to Use – Acceptable
  • My Dr wants to do these treatments to me what do you think – Purchase the Scar Plan / Multi – Question Option
  • Do I need Laser done – Purchase the Scar Plan / Multi – Question Option
  • Look at my pictures and tell me what to do – Purchase the Scar Plan / Multi – Question Option
  • What would you do for (this scar) – Purchase the Scar Plan / Multi – Question Option

NOTE: Please email us the invoice (in your email inbox) or a copy of the financial transaction after your purchase your question. Allow up to 7-14 days to respond.

Check your email’s spam/junk folder 😉

Minimum price: $15