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  • I have worked for the past 12 years as a senior moderator on ( – beautiful ambition) helping 100,000+ of acne scar patients. Coaching, supporting, analyzing, and guiding in their acne scar journey(saving them thousands of dollars of time and successful treatment – the average acne scar patient spends $10K dollars).
  • Endorsed by Doctor Davin Lim (Board Certified Dermatologist and Acne Scar Specialist) and Dr Steve Weiner (see below video).
  • Always learning – stay up to date with white paper, aesthetics, acne scars, and trends.
  • I get the mindset, condition, and treatment. I see this subject from all sides. I have a heart for those who I help as I feel I can make their lives better.
  • Work in aesthetics
  • Train Dr’s and medical providers how to do acne scar work and more effective ways to give treatment
  • Educate on social media the public new ways to treat scars and incorrect assumptions and methods to treat scars.
  • Author of several books on acne scars
  • Vloger, Blogger, Social Media Influencer 
  • Trainer & Educator
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