Hypertrophic Vs Keloid Scarring

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Hypertrophic vs Keloid the classification is mainly academic. Keloids expand beyond the wound. Hypertrophic can go away with time where Keloids are permanent unless treated.


  • Pink to purple and shiny
  • Extends beyond the boundary of the wound
  • Rounded
  • Can be painful


  • Red to pink, can also be hypopigmented – without pigment.
  • Does not extend beyond the wound.
  • Get’s better with time
  • Nodular or non uniform structure

    See how they can be confused and hard to classify, often a derm is needed with a trained eye to look at the wound super close.

    They can reoccur in many patient types even with treatment as the body makes excess tissue in these people.

    Goto a Dr with Skill treating them (ask how many have you treated, and B&A pics, also treatment methods).


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