Nova Thread Subcision: Wrong!


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Please watch out for companies and unscrupulous providers who sell you some new form of treatment. “Nova” is a company that makes PDO threads. They are said to be a filler alternative but a poor one at that. Many side effects with them.

Dr. Steven Weiner did an excellent talk on why filler is better than threads.

There are seasons in the cosmetic world, always something that is the latest and greatest. They come and go. But the treatments that work stay and those involve your surgeon’s hands.

So when a company sees trending of “subcision” they come up with their own twist (see what I did there) of it.

If this was superior to those ways of treating every Dr would be doing it and there would be a stack of white papers by Dr’s.

Don’t Fall for the marketing, … goto a Dr you trust. Brands are not important (we are not “name/device” shopping) … shop for a Dr with the skills to provide you treatment.

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