COVID 19 Effects on Acne Scar Patients and Not Receiving the Care And Attention They Need.


Julie Harper, M.D., owner and president of the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center of Birmingham in Alabama, emphasizes the importance of ensuring timely treatment of acne patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

“How many zits on your face does it take to mess up your day a little bit. Answer: 1. Take Care of Acne (Acne Scar) patients. Improve their quality of life.” “Their acne was flaring worse during COVID.”

Covid 19 is effecting patients mental health, leaving them feeling lost, without treatment, and hopeless. They need to be treated and have their condition under control so “acne scars” do not develop and their skin is able to be managed.

Telehealth does not offer the same experience for patients seeking care, treatments, and maintenance as a face to face visit. author: Get a smartphone therapy app like Talkspace so you can have someone to support you through this tough time. No one should suffer alone. I think telemedicine has a place and is great to get a feel for a Dr before flying across the world to get treated (even if you have to pay). Sure it’s not ideal for them not to touch and examine you… but how many times have you walked into a Dr and realized he really is not the right fit for your case or your treatment needs (acne/acne scars). Never before have we had the ability to reach out and help treat those in remote and convenient places. Think of it as a date. Many will start the dating process through social media, chat, or other communication mediums, then they will move to the actual in-person date. I think both mediums are necessary (telemedicine/face-to-face). We are not at the place to “Amazon” order away your acne scars with a treatment at home.

Cross Adjoining Scars

TCA CROSS Used On Adjoining Acne Scars or Pores?

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