Linear Acne Scars: A Overview

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What are they? Definition: are scars that look like cracks, ditches, or “lines.” Unlike other scars, they do not have a rounded appearance. They can have smooth or sharp walls, and be deep or shallow (Atrophic).

They are often confused with Icepick scars because they can share similar characteristics and “look” the same to the untrained eye.


Some tips to prevent these scars are through topicals for acne, sunscreen to prevent the skin from getting worse, and retinoids. Silicone products can be helpful to heal early linear scars. Scars can worsen in appearance from picking, pulling, and poor healing. If you have surgery or a wound good aftercare is essential.

The Cause

Linear scars are typically from cystic acne. The body does not create enough collagen, through the inflammatory healing period and the body coping with a wound scar tissue is made. The body tries to heal as quickly as possible. Other causes are surgery and self- harm.


Aging can worsen scars as one loses bone and fat. The body prematurely has aging concerns in those who deal with scars. These scars can especially look bad as the elastin and collagen look stretched or dermal skin is missing.

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Methods can include subcision with filler, lasers, surgical revision, excision, rf needling, chemical peels, vascular laser, and microneedling. These scars tend to not go away with time and can be quite difficult to heal as dermal tissue is missing and they are prominent (Atrophy).

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