Scar Tissue Vs Normal Skin

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Basket Weave (normal) vs fibrous tissue all same direction. Scar tissue is for survival keeping out bacteria, keeping in our fluids and protecting our internal body. Picking acne and tearing off scabs leads to scarring. Prolonged Inflammation leads to scarring.

Why do some people not scar – genetics and health their body can fight p.acnes.

Acne p.acnes can lead to destroyed follicles or encapsulated infection, the body fights itself and causes a scar.

Wound Healing Stages:
Stop the bleeding (hemostasis)
Scabbing Over (clotting)
Rebuilding (growth and proliferation)
Maturation (strengthening)

If the body heals the wound without other factors affecting healing there is no scaring.

We put on bandaids, keep our skin clean, use antiseptics, and give care to wounds on our body, … why not on the face.

Scar tissue has adhesions and atrophy

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Types of Acne Scars Overview

1 Acne Scar Confrence BA April 2020

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