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Types of Acne Scars Overview

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This is an overview of the types of scars. I will be covering them each individually in the posts to come.

There are differentiations and gradients of the scars and aspects that make them unique to the individual. Also, remember Dr’s often disagree with their classification and there is much we still do not know about scarring.

Rolling Scars – Smooth border Scars, can be large or small. Often have a saucer appearance.

Icepick Scars – Small diameter, can be deep, with some you cannot even see the bottom of the scar, you can with the other types.

Boxcars – Sharp Walled Scars, can be large or small.

Hypertrophic Scars- Raised Scars

What is a Scar

What is an Acne Scar

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Scar Tissue Vs Normal Skin