What is an Acne Scar

What is a Scar

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Definition(Dictionary.com): "fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue destroyed by injury or disease."

  • Prolonged Inflammation Causes Severity of Acne Scars inflammatory response to tissue damage and the length of damage to the body
  • Dr’s do not agree with how to classify scars, treatment, grade of severity, there is still a bunch that is not known about scars

    1) Treat acne early to avoid scars
    2) Work on ways to decrease inflammation (diet, supplements, stress, sleep pattern, lifestyle, sports, relaxation, personal care, meditation, a bit of sunshine can be good as well.
    3) See a Dermatologist if your acne is severe and does not go away in a month.
    4) No treatment will remove scars (this is a deception marketed) besides cutting them out (excision) and this can lead to more scars. Thus the goal is prevention, early treatment, and finding the cause.

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Types of Acne Scars Overview