Combo Treatments and Packages: Depends?

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There is nothing wrong with combo treatment and packages. If it saves you $$$ to book more of your treatment than individually than more power to the consumer.

Multi treatments can be great in certain scar types and contexts. You are a medical tourist and have limited time. You need to get things done in a time frame. The treatments work together nicely and the Dr’s skill and experience show he uses these treatments together.
Ok so now for the bad parts.

IF you walk into a clinic and a salesperson is selling you packages and does not care about your scars, not a good choice. They are not even observing your scars and doing the hard push. Some communities and countries this is a common sales tactic, but you can tell if the person cares about your scars or just selling you $$$$$$. You also hold less of the cards if something goes wrong and you need to find another provider as they have your money. You can always do a package after you treat and like the Dr. It is fair that the Dr has bills to pay and devices are expensive. As such he wants to sell you 4 RF microneedling treatments and not one. He may even discount them as he has payments on his new toy 😉

Multi – treatments. If the Dr is blasting you with 5 types of laser, melts off your fat, and just trying to get money, not a good idea. Many have sensitivities and don’t heal well, as such this is not ideal to get good treatment. It’s always best to space things out and allow the body time to heal. Many papers show it takes 6 months to a year to fully heal from a strong laser session so our skin is not quick. I think there is a rush sometimes to get it over with and this may not be ideal as scar treatment takes time. You can’t just do one session and be done.

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