If Doctors Do Not Put Manual Methods First Patients Will Do It Themselves: WRONG!


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[ If Dr’s Don’t Put Manual Methods First Patients Will Do It Themselves : WRONG!]

This is a scary one. I know many acne scar patients struggle with self-acceptance, self-esteem, and a host of other mental issues which scarring makes worse. It’s hard to live in silence and it’s even harder to wear your shame on your face. IF you’re struggling with depression, suicide, BDD or Body Dysmorphia, Obsessions, __ it’s best to see a licensed therapist. Talkspace has unlimited therapy on your smartphone and many colleges offer low-cost therapy.

That being said. PLEASE!!!! Don’t do these types of things to yourself. Not a week goes by that I don’t have to deal with someone desperate who “tried” something they saw on the internet. So much regret often occurs and they say they never wished they read bad advice. IE. “I brunt myself, I cut myself, I caused the infection, I went to deep…”

Please see a board-certified Dr, Nurse, or Dermal Clinician do these treatments. It’s not “easy.”

As a Senior Moderator for one of the largest Acne Scar websites I see this behavior often, … patients even buying lasers to do on themselves. – CRAZY!!!
Focus on what is leading you to try it on yourself and rationally think of the harm you will do. Dr’s go to school to deal with these emergency situations.

You have the right to consult with a few providers and pick one that fit’s better with your mindset of care. I want you to see a few consults before you decide. What if you think you need “manual methods” and multiple providers tell you that you need some energy devices.

Be guided – knowledge is power.

I really feel beauty gurus should be heald accountable for comments like this as they encourage children and teens to try these things and not think of the consequences.

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