Find This Laser It Will Fix My Acne Scars: WRONG!


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The patient often does not realize you’re in a marketing game. The Dr is marketing to you to pay for treatment, the device manufacturer is marketing to you, and finally the pharma company. Then there are outside forces like beauty gurus and bloggers that are sponsored by Ban__h 😉 Multi – level marketing at it’s finest. Take my overly expensive XYZ and that will solve everything.

Some things don’t change in life and snake oil salesman selling his sugar water has never changed.

The patient will look for shortcuts. What will solve this all. ____ machine must be the one as they have all this info online and flashy photos and info. Where is the data? They have salesmen sell to these Dr’s and then you get the results. Often studies are sponsored by these companies to prove __ result. It’s not impartial or widespread (Data).

So don’t shop for the machine, shop for the DR. For his skill, for his track record and for the info he provides. That is what is operating these things, trends come and go.


If Doctors Do Not Put Manual Methods First Patients Will Do It Themselves: WRONG!

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