Icepick Acne Scars – A Overview

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Icepicks scars are long narrow scars that can extend to the dermis or fat (“deep”). They typically have steep sides or walls and smaller diameters like an icepick (the skin looks like it has been pierced.

Damage has been done at the follicle and gone deep into the skin by a papule or cyst’s infection.

They also can be called large or open pores by some people.

As one get’s older their large pore or icepicks get worse as the layers of the skin degrade. Elastin and Collagen lose their youthful appearance.

Icepicks tend to affect ethnic skin types most. Because of Melanin and Sebum production, also many countries have humid climates that affect the skin.

Retinoids can help. Wearing sunscreen to prevent skin damage, salicylic and glycolic acid can help. Blurring makeup primers can lessen the appearance. Ultimately prevention is best.

Treatment for Icepicks can include: tca cross, rf needling, 1927nm Fraxel, chemical peels, laser, and hyfecator applied to the scar floor. Some Dr’s do punch excision / grafting for icepicks with variable results.

The depth of the scar, your healing capability, and Dr’s skill will best give you results. Sometimes the scars will widen and become other scar types as they raise from treatment, this is to be expected and your provider will work with the skin as it becomes textural.

To recap Icepick scars can be hard to treat, it takes a long time typically, multiple treatments, and the skin can morph from one scar type to a more superficial one with treatment.


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