Don’t Want PIE / PIH Discoloration But Want Acne Scar Treatment: WRONG!

Wrong June 2020

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[Don’t Want PIE / PIH Discoloration: WRONG!]
I get contacted by ethnic patients who tell me I don’t want to have PIH or PIE from treatments. What is the safest way to treat scars?

You have three choices:

1) Treat the scars and get results w/ some discoloration to take care of at the end.

2) Do nothing having no discoloration

3) Have the Dr give you watered down treatments that take forever to get very little benefit. Some people like this option but you will have added $$$$ and time so factor that into your decision. You may also hit a plateau and not get further improvement as the Dr sells you things that don’t work. Sometimes that is needed so don’t just say give me strong treatments… sensitivity, other health and skin conditions, and other factors (if that is you be guided by your Dr).

I want to educate patients that you will have downtime, you will have discoloration and some redness in certain skin types. This is part of treatment. The longer the downtime the % of improvement is often more. Take your pick.

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