I Saw DR Lim (Top Acne Scar Expert) Do a 100% TCA Chemical Peel, I Can Do It Myself Right: WRONG!

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[Saw Dr Lim Do a Peel, 100% TCA Myself: Wrong]
The Patient sees a Dr do some MEGA Chemical Peel and they decide they can do it themselves. Don’t read and don’t educate themselves on the complexity of peels and just slap it on their face.

I then get contacted as they have burns, more scars, need to go to emergency or serious side effects (things look worse). I ask if they watched some videos on peels, what percentage they used, and how to apply it. But it looks so easy when Dr Lim does it they say. Your NOT Dr Lim. He has done thousands of peels and knows what can go wrong, he also knows how to handle the skin in an emergency. A Dr’s peel will always be stronger than an at-home peel.

You need to be VERY careful where you get your chemical peel. Chinese Labs often sell these peels on Amazon and they can have toxic items or be car part cleaner. It’s not legal in any country for you to obtain high % chemical peels many countries have these laws. Does the peel company support you and have good info and videos. Do they answer your questions?

I would suggest you get a peel done by a licensed skin specialist first and see how you do, then consider peeling at home. Patient A may be burned by a low % peel and patient B can take a higher % (build-up don’t start high).

Always do a small test spot with a peel and see how you do. This is a complex specialty, … actually can be harder than laser as you have to read the skin and the patient.

I know you all want to do something at home during Covid and peels are a part of acne scar treatment but please be educated and not impulsive. There is a reason The Ordinary has a weaker % for the gen public.

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