The Acne Scar Plan You Should Be Following: WRONG!


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[Plan You Should Be Following: Wrong]
There is no plan you “should” be following. Many paths to the same goal. Different Dr’s have different methods of treatment.

If someone tells you this you have to question what are they selling you. That is the hard sell.

If I can impart some wisdom goto 3 different providers and see what plans they have for your scars,… ask lots of questions, B&As. Do they know how to treat your skin type. Do they customize treatment to your skin and condition or just do laser on everyone. Do they inspect and feel your skin and seem helpful and honest.

You are buying trust in a Drs abilities and hands not “should be doing.”

Here are some shoulds I have heard over the years:

  • should buy this package.
  • should do this because XYZ did it
  • should do it because everyone else is
  • should do it because it’s the newest machine
  • should do it because it’s quick or has no downtime
  • should do it because it fixes everything
  • should do it because __ marketing
  • should do it because this one study proves it (that is NOTHING).
  • should do it because it’s cheap or expensive
  • should do it because it’s on sale
  • should do it because it’s trending
  • should do it because it’s easy
  • should do it because, well just listen to me I am your Dr (they say)
  • should do it __ etc.

    What you should do is what is best for you! Not someone else. What are some of the things you have been told you must/should do with acne scar treatments – but they were not right.

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