Boxcar Acne Scars – A Overview


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Boxcar Scars have vertical edges and resemble scars left by chickenpox. They are most often found on the cheeks and temples.

By nature they are atrophic but they may be light or shallow. They are caused by infection or hormonal acne and the skin trying to heal quickly.

Icepick scars and boxcars can be most troubling because of shadows they make and often there are many across the face.

Age worsens scars and makes them appear more prominent. Prevent standard acne care or seeing a derm if things don’t get better in 6 weeks.

The hardest part of treating box cars is the scar walls and atrophy.

Treatment can include cross, rf needling, subcision, 1927nm Fraxel, chemical peels, lasers, punch excision or grafting, fillers, and microneedling.


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