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[My Acne Scar Live: Guest Dr Davin Lim]

Join Us For IG LIVE w/ our special guest Dr LIM!!! Spreading Education, support, and changing the acne scar world – :
Friday (USA)
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A Live Free Scar Eval…, to apply just email us and ask about the live contest. (NOTE) If you win… You will supply photos of your acne scars (your eyes can be cropped out). You will get Dr’ Lim’s Opinion on your scars live on air. Keep any description of scar work done or history short please (under 500 characters). – Email Us to Apply!

If you need a scar consult provides these to the patients who seek education and support and offer ongoing support. Medical information is made understandable and customized to the consulting client. To inquire PM on IG or email us about how we can help you.

Disclaimer: Dr’ Lim’s skills are not the same as a normal dermatologist and he is considered the top of this field, as such he can try procedures other Dr’s may not be able to do or have the ability to complete. Thus it is not generalized “advice” but an opinion of how Dr Lim would treat you. This is NOT medical advice and a opinion, as such one must be fully evaluated face to face and medical history and examination to have a proper treatment plan – it’s for educational and informational purposes only. Mistakes can be made, best to be guided by a physician face to face. There are many ways and paths to treat scars and this is not the only one. As such your Dr or providers may not agree to the info you heard. We hope to educate and empower the scar community.


Boxcar Acne Scars – A Overview

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My Acne Scars Simulcast Vlog With Specialists Discussing What’s New With Acne Scar Treatments