Dermatologist Odense Emil Henningsen 

Dr Emil Henningsen – Board Member, Contributor, & Adviser

Emil Henningsen has more than 10 years of experience

Emil Henningsen has more than 10 years of experience as a physician and specialist in skin diseases. He is one of Denmark’s leading specialists in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology.

Emil has worked as a dermatologist in Denmark and abroad, and he has been employed at private clinics in London. He works closely with a number of internationally leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Australia and the United States.

As a specialized dermatologist, Emil has a unique knowledge of the skin, and he considers his work a fusion of science and art.

Clients from all corners of the globe

Emil’s high satisfaction is not only due to his vast experience but to the extent that he sees the man behind his face.

Emil has clients from many countries who travel to Denmark to get his specialized skin treatments, including acne treatments.

Emil has been recognized as the  Recommended Top 1% Acne Scar Specialist

International experience

Emil has extensive experience in injection treatments with Botox / Vistabel and fillers, chemical peels and not least laser treatments.

He has taught upcoming specialist doctors in skin and laser treatments. Emil attends international dermatological conferences several times a year and often visits colleagues in his large, international network, where he shares experiences and brings new treatments and ideas home.