Unlike a Dr we are not paid for the invaluable work we do to help acne scar suffers. Drs often charge thousands for their services, provide little or no aftercare, education, coaching, support, or alternative opinions besides the services and products they are trying to sell. We save time, money and heart acne to the acne scar suffer. We have saved on average several thousand dollar to those we help. Bring them peace of mind and comfort to be confident. As you might imagine there are many people in the world and they all need help. Several cannot afford to pay me for my time. I have helped 100s-of-thousands of acne scar suffers for free. It takes a huge investment of my time and skill to help everyone individually. My Acne Scars is an essential resource for understanding and improving the world of acne scars.

Through the generosity of people like you, acne scar suffers have benefited.

  1. One client was on the verge of suicide – and directly praised My Acne Scars for “giving him hope!”
  2. Another wrote to me: “Your work has tremendous value to people in their personal lives. I for one might have died before I ever truly lived if not for your work. You have my gratitude.”
  3. Hundreds of thousands of people have stopped doing unnecessary acne scar procedures like micro-dermabrsion after learning the things that really work on their scars.
  4. A client wrote: “I just registered as a subscriber. I would not have been able to get this scar treatment without you. Dr’s often don’t support patients and leave them to “figure it out.”
  5. A fan wrote: “BA, as a mental-health counselor, I have had several clients tell me that you are the ‘advocate’ they never had. Your work affects people deeply.”

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