Damage and Inflammation from Acne


Prolonged inflammation causes disease. How about taking some things that are antioxidants, vitamin c, green tea, turmeric, meditate, yoga, exercise, grab some sun, and get some fresh air. We live in a society of inflammation and damage. Our food choices, how we live, our sleep patterns, and other lifestyle choices. Even medications can cause inflammation and damage. Hormones are a very real problem for some who get acne.

Guess where the biggest places to get p.acnes bacteria are. Your cellphone and the toilet. What about those dirty gym clothes, or maybe it’s genetic and for the majority, it’s nothing you can do to stop your sensitivity to scar. See a derm if it lasts over 6 weeks. Try the at-home things first. BUT do not use too many products or exfoliants, often people make things worse and cause inflammation and damage.

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Dr’s Disagree On Treatments

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