Lasers Will Not Cure But Manual Methods Will: Wrong!


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I often see this assumption. Someone had a bad laser procedure, perhaps the Dr did not know what they were doing, wrong settings, … or they had side effects and damage. Perhaps they are looking for that golden ticket the thing to solve everything. Along comes “manual” methods and they think that will solve everything for my scars.


Scars are individual to the specific person. One person’s Icepicks are not like others. One person’s immune system, genetics, and ethnicity are not the same. We cannot make mass assumptions. That is a cognitive distortion – a therapy term where one thing is like _______.

Rationally we need need to treat you for your specific issue. What is bugging you? I do agree when you walk into an office,… the Dr does not even look at you and want to blast you with $$$$$ many treatments of laser is he really seeing the problem – taking a history – and doing what’s best.

But that would be pretty silly to say laser does not help many people and for some that are all they need to get that 100% improvement. IT’s a tool. The “tool” is connected to a Dr who either has the skills to treat you or they do not. I ALWAY advise seeing a few specialists before you spend the $$$$. Even if you have to pay. It’s cheaper to consult than be 1000’s of regret. IF that is manual methods first – great.

In closing, both are wrong manual methods only and they solve everything and the Dr who wants to quickly sell you laser. Do what fits the scar. Be knowledgeable and guided (same goes for anything in life like going to buy a car).

Lastly, Manual methods and Laser will do nothing if you have health conditions, heal poorly, or other underlying co-factors. Know thyself!

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