Stop Using Lasers & Start Using Your Hands For Treatment: Wrong!


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I will be finding bad acne scar advice on IG and posting it on my account. Knowledge is power.

Everyone is different, Acne Scar treatment is as varied as the people who have the scars. Some have mild scars and may do well from basic things like micro-needling, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

Other’s have Severe Scars needing multiple modalities and techniques customized to their individual case.

Each person must be considered. A history of health, treatment, healing, past treatment, expectations, finances, and goals must be weighed.

I applaud using manual methods (It’s incorrect to say “using hands” as all methods have to use the specialist’s hands). Manual methods should be done first but they are not the end-all and the total solution.

If I analyze your scars and give you a plan I may say various laser treatments are all your need. There is no ONE way to that goal. But I must weight what I mentioned above. Why make things tedious and unnecessary. I do what is best to get your results …Not because it’s cool to do manual methods.

I had a client tell me I was wrong and he needed subcision. The person had only a few spots, surface-oriented, and textural. He would not listen because he said he saw everyone doing manual methods on social media. He came to me a year later distraught as the Dr had not solved his issue and instead continued to “try things.” The treatment must match the client. There is no universal I repeat again. I have saved hundreds of thousands of time and money on their acne scar journey and I am very real with the outcome they can expect.

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