Filler For Acne Scars: Overview

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Filler for scars is one of the most important parts of acne scar treatment. Many times those who have scars have atrophy, fat loss, or thinning of the dermis.

Atrophy is the absence of tissue, fat, or underlying structures. These scars are often called “pits, divots, rolling scars, boxcars, or dermal atrophy.

The cause can be from many things including ongoing infection, deep cystic acne, poor healing, attachment to the underlying structures, aging, skin thinning from treatment damage or acne, picking, surgery-related scars, etc.

As one age they lose bone and fat and thus the normal plump looking face looks deflated and sagging. Someone with scars is more likely to have this issue or worsening appearance early as their skin has been damaged.

No laser does not improve volume loss, neither does other treatments like peels, cross, etc.

The filler is used to correct volume irregularity and deficit(making collagen). Surgery can also be used in extreme cases by plastic surgeons and implants.

This does NOT work for those with superficial, mild, or overly textural scarring. We are purely talking about volume loss and it’s depth.

Various fillers are offered worldwide from “natural” and temporary Hyaluronic acid to bio stimulating filler like Sculptra and Raidesse, and fat grafting.

The Brand does not matter it’s the skill of the expert injector that matters most to avoid bumps, lumps, and doughnuts around scar tissue.

Be consulted which is best for your scar type and situation.

Do you have to do this for the rest of your life … not in all cases… some do need this and there are permanent fillers. We use it as a spacer or stimulator.

I offer acne scar plans, support, and education. Check out my website consult tab.

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