Before and After Picture Tricks Why You Cannot Rely On Marketing As A Indicator of Your Treatment Outcome or The Dr’s Skill (Photo Tricks)

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Before and after pics that are a hot commodity on IG. I see accounts reposting acne scar B&A photos like they are gold. Don’t be deceived.

Anyone can take a photo class& learn the tricks. Sadly Acne Scar patients are desperate and fall for the dream of perfection, getting their hopes up that the B&A pics offer a cure.

Reasons why these photos “can” look amazing:

  • Photoshop / Re-touching
  • Lighting & Shadow tricks
  • Camera and Focus Tricks
  • Swelling post procedure – Photos are not 6 months to a year later (healing)
  • Excess usage of filler
  • Not telling you all the procedures done and making it seem like it was a one-time thing
  • Everyone gets a few good photos if you’re treating hundreds of patients monthly. You post the best ones, even the worst Dr’s can do this.
  • Excessive use of makeup
  • Hollywood Production Team making it seem like Reality TV “aesthetics” be part of the show
  • Marketing Lies and disinformation
  • Changing something in the after to make it look better and draw attention
  • Getting rid of the Redness or hyperpigmentation and making you think they got rid of scars when they are clearly there
  • Exessive topicals making the face “moist”
  • Filling the lips or another part to distract

    Why can’t you get the above:
  • Poor healing/ Genetics
  • Bad Dr / or their skill is not good (false advertising being an expert)
  • Ongoing scarring and acne
  • You get red or pigment easily
  • Ethnicity
  • You did not do enough treatments
  • Wrong treatment type used


    Be careful don’t fall for B&A photos. Everyone is different and treatment must be customized to your needs. Google Hollywood without makeup or Hollywood botched surgery.

    I offer acne scar plans, support, and education. Check out my website consult tab.

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