Using Silicone For Acne Scar and Redness (Patches, Liquids, Primers)

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Early scars (red – PIE, still healing, recently wounded, light textural issues, and prolonged healing concerns).

There is a simple thing you should be using for your scars: silicone!

The biggest failure is marketing. This product is for “early scars.” What is an early scar? Under 6 months. Results diminish (after) unless your a slow healer or have re-wounding or recent surgery.

It can help with mature scars but minimally. Will it make my scars disappear? Probably not. It can help your wounds heal by providing moisturizer and inducing the body’s healing capabilities by decreasing inflammation.

Works great hypertrophic scars. I have seen early scars fill in (atrophy – depth) and lessen in appearance.

It takes time to use this were talking months of use and the sooner you do it the better when you get early scars or redness.

Silicone comes in patches, liquid, and primers for makeup. It is a clear substance. Women can apply it to their scars as a primer, or men can do the same in the morning without makeup. At night or if you can 24-7 use silicone scar patches from the pharmacy wound section. Many brands that work, some are purer and the glue has less reaction to the skin, so if you have issues it may be the adhesive used not the silicone. Try another brand, with medical ingredients.

How to apply: skin must be clean, do not put a retinoid or any acid underneath you will trap it against the skin for side effects. You can do your retinoid/acne cream at night and the liquid during the day if prone to acne. Many formulations of liquid you can apply sunscreen over (moisturize before). No actives under (alternate if you must nights of use)!

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