Rejuran Healer Miracle Asian Filler For Acne Scars: WRONG!

Rejuran Healer

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Rejuran Healer is a filler that comes from Korea and is popular in Singapore, and China. The marketing says it does DNA regeneration and healing of scars. They claim that it’s a filler used in all skin conditions that need regeneration.

I have seen many videos with patients stating their scars were healed by the filler who is overly promoted. It’s actually Salmon Sperm. You cannot have filler (as it could mix) afterward because it causes granulomas reaction. It cannot be reversed like a filler.

Others state a “leftover oil” is left in the skin and causes further issues like sensitivity and scar tissue.

Dr. Lim in a recent broadcast with myself on acne scars said “it’s pure pseudoscience.” It’s not approved in any Western country with strict regulations. IF it was a solution there would be medical research is done and papers released that were not by companies, and Dr’s who sell the filler and the procedure as a miracle cure. Everyone would be using it. Singapore and China have lax regulatory and medical regulations compared to other countries. 2 Dr’s in Singapore seem to push it heavily and in fact, all the data comes from their websites where they copied info from the company who manufacturers the product.

Perhaps the people in the videos were not helped by the filler but by other methods the Dr’s use at the same time like laser and tca cross. Swelling and inflammation can also cause ongoing issues.

Be careful looking for that miracle cure. Use time tested and top Dr approved treatments, not pseudoscience.


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