Price Shopping For Acne Scar Treatments: WRONG!

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I get this approach often from those I help. They want to price shop for the cheapest treatment by calling around.

Let’s go over some points why this is not good:

  • You get what you pay for
  • Top specialists and Dr’s do not work for free or highly discounted rates.
  • You will get providers who lie and say they know a procedure and seldom or never do it because you’re calling around for someone to do it “cheap.”
  • I have seen other tactics like treating one or two scars instead of the whole face for a cheaper price, double booking, giving free treatment if you buy __. Packages where something is included but then they never do it once they do the procedures.
  • You could get side effects including more scars and poor treatment, this work takes skill, do you goto someone without the skills to treat your scars who just wants to get the money
  • What are you comparing? The service and skill or just the total price.
  • Often these low item leaders will either drop care if you have an issue or they will say you need XYZ treatments. The patient is not savvy that they are being played.
  • Medical providers may push things that make them the most money or devices they own.
  • Shop for skill. Don’t shop for a device – shop for the skill to use that device.
  • It may be their first time doing _, skill comes from practice, and seeing a large acne scar population.
  • This is a business, remember, the first rule of business is to make money. There are ethnical providers who care and give good treatment.
  • Scar work is expensive, be guided so you don’t waste time and money. provides consulting to prevent these pitfalls check out the website (I can save you money as I have done for over 100-thousand) as you navigate the minefield.

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Rejuran Healer Miracle Asian Filler For Acne Scars: WRONG!

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