Scar Treatment Takes 2 Years: Wrong!

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I will be finding bad acne scar advice on IG and posting it on my account.

Everyone is different, Acne Scar treatment is as varied as the people who have the scars. Some have mild scars and can be done in one or two treatments, others have severe scarring and it will take 3 years or more depending on downtime, how much money $$$$ the person has for treatment, their skin type, factors such as are they healthy, the Dr’s skill, and response.

You cannot rush Acne Scar treatment as the skin is slow and takes time to heal. A good Dr will be able to tell you the time it will take to treat and how many treatments, … bad Dr’s keep the tab open for more $$$$$$$$$$$.

Nothing is universal in acne scar work, NOTHING! Everything must be individualized. There is no set plan or set path, … many ways to the same goal.

So before someone gives you a set amount of time, we need to talk about the specifics of your acne scarring and what your expectations are with treatment. Some may be happy with some improvement while others have high expectations and continue on treatments.


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