Severe – Moderate – Mild Acne Scars: The Point is it Bugs You!


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I get contacted daily to help acne scar suffers. They often share their photos to ask for help / a plan. I am often told everyone’s scars are severe. Many times it can be a small tiny scar and it’s the end of the world for them. The point of acne scar treatment if it bugs the patient and they want it fixed.

It’s not for anyone else but yourself. At the end of the day, you’re looking into the mirror. Making the investment, and wanting help. How I or a Dr categorizes your scar is mainly for diagnostic purposes, sometimes insurance, and other times it’s to have some normalcy patient’s records – so we can say we are here and this is where we want to be.

I will make another post on acne scar grading in a medical context (even Dr’s don’t agree on how to do this). Remember you’re in your mirror often obsessing about those scars and worrying because you see yourself all the time. Perhaps it was the shadows or bad lighting, or maybe it was photos that you look terrible in. Or you want to a beauty type store or event and it hit home.

So instead of asking me how bad your scars are when you come to me for help, tell me how bad they are to “you” and how they affect your life.

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