Will This Laser Work For My Acne Scars, It’s Heavily Advertised As A Cure: WRONG!

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I see this all over the internet. Will this company’s laser work or will that laser solve my acne scar problems.

Factors here:

  • Marketing
  • Branding and word of mouth
  • Pop culture/Stars/trending products
  • A provider who spend $$$$$$$ for a laser
  • Always looking for the new best thing – unsatisfied or hoping
  • Patient education – more is needed
  • Dr’s varying in skill and ability – sad
  • It does cool things like make carbon disappear – wrong
  • It’s more expensive so it must work – wrong
  • Gimmicks – it chops/slices/& dices
  • It’s shiny and looks nice
  • Many of these “new” lasers end up in junk piles

    Sometimes the older devices are better than the newer devices and of course, they have had time to work out what they can truly do.

    So why does Dr A who has this device get different results from Dr B who has the same thing? Perhaps it’s not the device but his skill and ability to treat the scars (That takes time and experience). Depending on where you are in the world anyone can buy a laser – think about that. What settings are they using and other techniques to make it effective?

    One of the best-known companies is Fra— they were famous for selling Dr’s their gear, patients their marketing, and making it trend. The Dr had to do the treatments to recoup costs. The laser was no better than any other and in fact, fell out of favor for it’s added expenses. Yet people still say instead of fractional laser Fra—

    Can laser help in cases of “some” acne scars – sure. But I would rather search for a Dr’s name than a product name. Don’t be the type who brand shops for acne treatment. Get customized care for your acne scars needs.

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