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I am endorsed by Dr Davin Lim, Dr Emil Henningsen, and Dr Steve Weiner. Please support me and check out my website. . I am considered a subject matter expert and have been a host on this subject with some of the world’s top specialists.

I can help you with an acne scar plan, support, educate, analyze, save you money, and simplify your path to take care of your acne scar and aesthetics needs.

I have helped 100s-of-thousands of people for the last 10 years. It gives me no greater joy than to see you succeed and find the help and treatment you want.0„2Many pitfalls to understand.

I can analyze complex cases, answer simple questions, or even just be there to listen.

Often patients go into a Dr and say what will you do for my scars not being empowered with the knowledge to make the best decisions and goals. It’s not a simple task. No two patients are alike, everything must be customized. Dr’s do not have the time to support or provide aftercare. Some patients need an advocate to bring them through the bumpy period of being unsure.

The patient often tells me I tried this X, Y, Z, … and it did not work what should I do. Or there is all this free info out there and none of it makes sense. Lots of marketing and pitfalls out there … do this and do that and it will make it all better they say. That is not a reality for the “individuals needs.”

Some Dr’s say get laser to solve everything, … but with what settings, what specs (brands), and do they use the same line on everyone else… $$,$$$ ;-/

All of my services are reasonable as my goal is to help you. Check out the “consult tab” on my website.

Thank you to my supporters, I look forward to serving you.

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