Rolling Acne Scars: Overview

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Rolling Scars are wavy depressions with smoother walls than boxcars. They often are wider than icepicks and boxcars. They can be shallow or deep (atrophic).

They are caused by infection or hormonal acne and most of the time it’s cystic in nature. The skin trying to heal quickly makes scar tissue. Atrophy is often a component of this scar.

These scars are troubling because they often look like fat (atrophy) is missing making the cheeks look gaunt or hollow of underlying structures. But they can also be shallow and simply on the surface.

Age worsens scars and makes them appear more prominent. Prevent standard acne care or seeing a derm if things don’t get better in 6 weeks.

The hardest part of treating rolling scars is the dermis/fat which is lost. This can be corrected with subcision and fillers both temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent (fat / bellafill). I often advise starting with something temporary as it’s reversible if you don’t like it… then move on to a more permanent solution.

Treatment can include * subcision w/ fillers, laser, rf needling, chemical peels, an excision (cutting out the area), fat grafting, facelifts, and microneedling.

This scar makes the person look like they have aged prematurely which is natural to life: loss of… bone, fat, and tissues (but at a younger age & from acne scars). Things often looks much better if this is corrected and thus laser is not the preferred choice with this scar.

Let me help you with your scars. … checkout and goto the “consult” tab. Every scar case is different. I often save a patient time, money, and treatment complications.

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